Ketchup Fried Rice (filling for omurice)

ketchup fried rice

It’s surprising how many Japanese recipes use ketchup. Ketchup fried rice is a more modern Japanese recipe that took ingredients introduced to Japan during the post WWII times (aka ketchup) and incorporated it into their cuisine. What resulted is a whole other subcategory of Japanese cuisine that I haven’t really dedicated much time to during … Read more

Base Recipe: Rice Porridge (Congee)

rice porridge with umeboshi

Congee. Jook. Kayu. Ganji. Just like fried rice, every culinary region that serves rice also has a rice porridge option in their cuisine. Some are savory, some are sweet. Some are packed with flavors while others are plain and let the side dishes provide flavor for them. At its core, rice porridge is just rice … Read more