Staple Recipe: Dashi Stock (slow cooker method)

dashi stock in 2 quart containers

Dashi stock is a staple in the Japanese kitchen and there are many ways to prepare it. Traditionally, dashi is made by either soaking konbu in cold water for a long period of time, or heating konbu in hot simmering water for a several minutes (never boil though! Supposedly konbu creates a bitter taste if … Read more

Salmon Miso Stew

salmon miso stew

This stew is based on a hot pot variant called “Ishikari Nabe”. I first discovered this hot pot watching a video from Cooking With Dog. Made from a delicious broth of konbu, salmon, potato, and miso, this broth is poured into an ingredient-packed stone pot and served in the center of a table with extra … Read more

Simmered Kabocha Nimono

simmmered kabocha squash

An easy side dish, the sweet flavor of the kabocha is highlighted through the salty umami of the simmering sauce.  “Nimono” is a class of Japanese dishes known as “simmering dishes”. In nimono, ingredients are simmered in a mix of broth and flavorings until the liquid is absorbed and the flavors are embedded into the … Read more