12 Months of Cuisines Challenge

Join me in my “12 month of cuisines” as I learn how to cook a variety of new foods and learn how to make them friendly to a corn-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and coconut-free diet.

Latest Italian Recipes from March

Latest Korean Recipes from February

Latest Japanese Recipes from January

  • Japanese Curry
    The last recipe I want to share for Japanese Cuisine month is Japanese curry. Japanese curry is one of those easy-to-make recipes that also … Read more
  • Ketchup Fried Rice (filling for omurice)
    It’s surprising how many Japanese recipes use ketchup. Ketchup fried rice is a more modern Japanese recipe that took ingredients introduced to Japan during … Read more
  • How to Eat Natto (the tasty way)
    Natto is a super healthy probiotic and prebiotic-rich food that is made from fermenting beans. It is sticky, slimy, and to the uninitiated, pretty … Read more

Latest Blog Post

  • Italian Cuisine Month-End Review
    Well that clearly didn’t go to plan. The scheduling problem that started in February only got worse in March, primarily due to work life but also due to social obligations and changes in daily routines. I did manage to focus my cooking on Italian food but as for writing about it, that just… never found time in my schedule to get done. Some Thought on Italian Cuisine I tried REALLY hard to cook “authentic” Italian (images of cranky grandmas tasting … Read more
  • March 2022: Italian Month
    Switching things up this month and moving away from the Asian culinary regions, I’m focusing on Italian food this month for the 12 months of cuisines challenge! Italian food is very popular here in the US and yet… is not in my comfort zone. For one, I’m not a big noodle eater and pasta is pretty much the staple pantry item in Italian cuisine. Cheese (and dairy) is also the primary compliment and is also not friendly to my restricted … Read more
  • Korean Cuisine Month-End Review
    It’s almost the end of February and the end of Korean Cuisine Month in this 12 months of cuisines challenge. February has been… very challenging schedule-wise. I have a backlog of recipes I need to write up and haven’t even researched next month yet in order to get started (it’s Italian…. I chose it. Italian is easy. Will explain in the future). Needless to say… I’m very behind and it’s weighing me down a lot. The main culprit to this … Read more