Italian Recipes

A list of Italian recipes that are gluten free (what?!), corn free, dairy free (whoa…!), and coconut free (or are easily modifiable to be free of the above).

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Italian Basics:

The basics of Italian cuisine are well known (especially in the US where Italian and Italian-inspired food is everywhere). Most importantly is sourcing high quality seasonal ingredients for the best and strongest taste from your produce, but when that’s no possible, herbs, seasonings, and aromatics go a long way.

  • Gluten-free pasta + sauce (there are many gluten free pastas made from rice, brown rice, quinoa, and even ingredients like cauliflower. You can even buy “noodled” vegetables like zucchini “zoodles”, butternut squash, and kohlrabi. Just mix with a marinara, a pesto, or make a carbonara or white wine- or olive oil-based sauce and you’re good to go)
  • Tomatoes, garlic, olives, olive oil, herbs (primarily basil, rosemary, parsley) and white wine are the staples of the pantry