Hi and welcome to Alt Feast – a food blog sharing recipes that omit gluten, dairy, corn, and coconut.

I grew up with a love of food and without any dietary restrictions. Sharing meals, exploring culinary cultures… it was my place of joy to try new things and taste new flavors. But in 2015, my life changed when I got sick with a gut-related issue and was forced to go on a multi-year recovery and diet rebalancing journey, complete with guidance from a nutritionist and trial and error from many doctors. All this is to say… I climbed back on my feet, but now live with the new obstacle of food restrictions while navigating the food world.

Losing gluten doesn’t mean being unable to eat out. There are ways to eat “cheese” without eating any dairy. Corn may appear to be in everything, but you can learn how to navigate around it. And the world may be obsessed with the health benefits of coconut, but you don’t have to feel left out without it.

Learning to cook and eat when you (or a loved one) has dietary restrictions is a daunting puzzle, especially when a diagnosis or sudden news suddenly throws you in to that world. It may seem like salads and roasted chicken may be your only future, but it just takes a little extra creativity to still indulge in the joys of food.

This blog continues to be a food exploration and journey to unlocking tasty favorite meals with dietary restrictions. I hope you’ll join me on this adventure.

This blog continues to be a food exploration and journey to unlocking the joys of eating with dietary restrictions.