Puerto Rican Pastelón – A Naturally Gluten Free Dish

Rectangular slice of pastelon with garlic mayo ketchup spread on the top.

Pastelón de platano maduro is a Latin-American layered dish made with ripe plantains and a meat filling. Popular in both Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, I was introduced to the Puerto Rican version first through my fiancé and fell in love. Who knew Latin America had so many gluten-alternative dishes and ingredients readily available … Read more

Store Find: Manini’s Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Ravioli

box of manini's roasted tomato & basil ravioli

Finding gluten-free noodles without corn flour or corn starch is fairly easy in grocery stores nowadays, but finding Italian pre-made items, such as ravioli, that are both dairy-free and gluten-free (it’s usually one or the other, not both) is uncommon. Then there’s the additional complication that the dairy-free filling needs to be coconut-free as well, … Read more

Salmon Miso Stew

salmon miso stew

This stew is based on a hot pot variant called “Ishikari Nabe”. I first discovered this hot pot watching a video from Cooking With Dog. Made from a delicious broth of konbu, salmon, potato, and miso, this broth is poured into an ingredient-packed stone pot and served in the center of a table with extra … Read more

Chicken Soboro Don (Ground Chicken Rice Bowl)

turkey soboro rice bowl with egg

Starting Japanese cuisine cooking from the beginning can take a lot of initial work, but what I am quickly learning is that a lot of Japanese recipes and home-cooking staples are dishes that can easily be meal prepped. That is to say… you can cook a lot at once, store the leftovers, then serve the … Read more

First Try: Pupusa de Arroz

2 plates of pupusas

Pupusas are one of those accidental but life-changing “street food” discoveries that, as someone who cannot eat flour or corn, is now part of my routine eat-out food options. It’s not easy to find a Salvadorean restaurant that delivers during this Covid work-from-home situation (we have 1, but their open hours are sparse). So after … Read more